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We can only give a very brief overview here, and strongly recommend that before you have a donkey (or better still, two) you read books on donkey care and welfare (available from the Donkey Breed Society website shop                    ), attend a  course on donkey care and / or talk to someone who knows about donkeys and can give you detailed advice.


One of the most important (and obvious!) things to know is that a donkey is not a pony!


A donkey has different needs, has a different physiology and has a different way of viewing life. If you try and keep a donkey as you would a pony, you are asking for trouble. If a vet tries to treat a donkey as a pony this can have serious – if not fatal – consequences. If you try and train a donkey as you would a pony you will end up with one very ‘stubborn’, bored donkey who will refuse to co-operate. If the farrier trims its feet in the same way, this will not best suit the foot – and if you buy tack, harness or rugs for a pony it will almost certainly not fit.


We can only give our personal view on what is best – backed up by experience, talking to people who know more than we do and reading good books. If in doubt, consult a professional – and NOT the guy down the road who has had ponies for years! If you have a query, please email us and we will try and point you in the right direction but we are NOT qualified vets or farriers and can only offer personal opinions.


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