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Doing things!

What can you do with a donkey? – what can’t you do with a donkey!


                             (especially if you join the Donkey Breed Society and link up with like-minded enthusiasts!)


Some people imagine that because we concentrate on in-hand showing, we never do anything else.


Some people assume that as our stallions stand at stud, they do nothing else all year – how wrong can they be? Some drive, some go and lead Palm Sunday parades or carry assorted 'Marys' down the aisle for Nativities and Carol Services, they go for drives up the pub and carry the picnic if we go for a walk. When driven, they may compete, do fun classes, training days, displays (including at Burghley Horse Trials!), take part in the London Harness Horse and New Year’s Day London Parades and also deliver fruit and veg. offerings for the Pearly Kings & Queens’ Harvest Festival celebrations in London.


Our mares get out and about too – Palm Sundays, our local school and church fetes (‘Guess the name of the foal’) – plus showing too of course.


The youngsters don’t get left out – as new yearlings (on 1st January) one or two may take part in the New Year’s Day London Parade as part of a procession of perhaps 8,000 people watched by 100,000 lining the streets and several million worldwide. They also go to shows and might go to a school for a ‘patting session’. We’ve even done the odd thing for TV.


We firmly believe that we get out what we put in – and that the more you do with a donk, the more fun you have – and the more of an all-rounder the donkey becomes and the more it becomes capable of doing.


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