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May 2011.


.We have 3 young yearlings who are available for sale to good homes only. They must go to live with another suitable donkey. They are 'standard' sized so will grow to around 10-11hh. They have recently been gelded and have recovered well (in fact, I'm not sure they even notcie anything is now 'missing'!). They are all by our stunning chestnut stallion The Mandarin of Trinitas, however only have a tinge of chesnut. 2 are grey and one is a brown roan.


All three have been micro-chipped and are registered and passported with the Donkey Breed Society passports. They have all been regularly wormed and have seen the farrier every 6-8 weeks. I can't actually say they are 'good with farrier'.. but they do know what it is all about and are learning!


Trinitas Allegretto ('Al') is a big, light grey with a tinge of chestnut boy. He is of good quality and would make a good, but not superb, show donkey. He would not win at National level but you could have a grat deal of fun with him and he would not disgrace you. He is probably going to grow to 11hh or a little more and is very 'correct and square so should certainly make a great riding or driving donk when he matures (from 4). And you may say you 'only want a pet'.. but why not get one that is a correct working shape, better able to move freely and less likely to suffer from joint disorders if all his 'arms and legs' are inte right place and move well!


Trinitas Campion (Peewee) is a little smaller and of similiar colouring.


Trinitas Jatoba (Toba) is brown roan, with the silkiest coat, and is a litte sweetie!


We currently do not have any donkey related items e.g. harness or carriages for sale, however, please email us and let us know what you want, and we can probably recommend someone who could help you (and this isn't a commercial 'commmission' thing, just a helpful contact!).


................. but most importantly, before you go and buy a donkey, find out what they need (another donkey friend is a top priority!) and make sure you can supply the grazing, stabling, feed, water, farrrier, vet and time from yourself to look after them properly.


Please note - Unless you specifically need a stallion, our male babies will be gelded before being sold as we will not sell an entire male unless we are sure you know what you are taking on and will give him the respect, discipline and handling he needs to keep him happy and you and others safe. Keeping an entire male (colt or stallion) should not be undertaken lightly as they require special handling at all times. No matter how gentle they seem, they ALWAYS have the potential to cause trouble, and 'trouble' may end up with you, your family or friends, another donkey or another animal seriously injured or worse. NEVER underestimate that cute little donkey boy!!!!