The Trinitas Stud

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Field / stabling

Field / Grazing Stabling / Shelter

Donkeys need somewhere safe to go to exercise themselves both mentally and physically and also need to graze. In addition they must have somewhere to shelter from the worst of the weather - both the rain and the midges that accompany a hot sunny day. For more requirements  click on the relevant button on the left.




One important thing to remember is that many donkeys love wood. It would be unfair to say that they all chew wood, but so many do that it is very likely that yours will too.


The worst offenders will eat the bark off the trees, totally remove your hedge, bite chunks out of your posh post and rail fencing, chewing the posts themselves down to little stumps and completely removing the rails - and also destroy the nice hardwood gate, the attractive stile and the footpath post that points at it - they can be absolute horrors! Stables and field shelters can be delicious too, and uprights, doors - in fact anything with an 'edge' that they can get started on is fair game. Be aware of this possibility - paint-on preservatives can work, but the effect will probably not last - and perhaps the only real deterrent is either galvanised gates etc. or wrapping any wood in protective wire mesh - it's not cheap, but might be worth it in the long run. Hopefully yours are not of the 'beaver' strain - but better to be prepared!