The Trinitas Stud

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Our donkeys

We love our donkeys, and they all have a part to play with us.


Because we are a stud, and enjoy showing inhand, we are always trying to improve the breed by producing the absolute best foals we can. We therefore have our own stallions who stand at stud to our own and selected visiting mares. In additon we have our own mares, and the youngsters we are bringing on.


Some of our stallions are home bred, others are from other bloodlines brought in to add a different strength to our lines. Most of our stallions are registered in Section A of the Donkey Breed Society stud book. This means that they are not inbred and have passed a veterinary inspection declaring them free from visible hereditary defects. Depending on when they were accepted, they will also have a known ancestory (which means we know what their parents & grandparents are like and so can select the good and avoid the bad points!)


All of our stallions have superb temperaments and many do other things as well as the obvious stud duties - including being driven and carrying assorted 'Marys' down the aisle at Christmas carol services.


Our mares are mostly home bred, with a few additional ladies from other places to add some new bloodlines for our boys (we do NOT practice inbreeding, so need 'new blood' for our home bred boys).


The youngsters are almost all homebred, with the occasional newcomer from outside if we think they have something special to add to the mix. Most are fillies, but we sometimes keep a colt or two to see whether they will pass the grade to stay with us as a top breeding stallion.


Please note - Unless you specifically need a stallion, our male babies will be gelded before being sold as we will not sell an entire male unless we are sure you know what you are taking on and will give him the respect, discipline and handling he needs to keep him happy and you and others safe. Keeping an entire male (colt or stallion) should not be undertaken lightly as they require special handling at all times. No matter how gentle they seem, they ALWAYS have the potential to cause trouble, and 'trouble' may end up with you, your family or friends, another donkey or another animal seriously injured or worse. NEVER underestimate that cute little donkey boy!!!!

The girls Stallions at stud