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Stallions at stud

Our stallions are carefuly chosen for their conformation, breeding and  temperament. No mater how perfect the conformation, if the temperament wasn't good enough then we would not keep them as a stallion, after all, they are members of the family!


Most of our stallions are registered in the 'A' section of the British Stud Book. This means that they are not inbred and have also passed a veterinary inspection and are declared free from visible hereditary defects (such as mis-aligned teeth, cateracts etc).


Our two most recent additions are not eligible for the Stud Book since we do not know any of their breeding. The Stud Book stallions come from familes that we know and we can view their relatives and determine the characteristics they are likely to pass on to their offspring. With the two latest, we have no idea - they look good in themselves, but who knows what genes are lurking? Only time will tell and we will watch their offspring carefully to ensure that there are no 'hidden nasties' waiting in this new gene pool to catch us out!


If you choose to use any of our stallions as the sire for your foal, we will usually be able to show you offspring, and perhaps the dam of the offspring so you can see for yourselves what they could throw from your mare. Any foal deserves the best chances in life - so choose as good a stallion as you can find to use on your mare.


Please note that we do not inbreed nor allow our stallions to do so. We will not let any of our stallions cover any mare that is under 4 years of age - and if we think that she is in too poor condition, or has any health, temperament or conformation problem that, in our opinion, means she should not be bred from, we will not allow any of our stallions to cover her.


Having said all that, if you are interested in using any of our boys, please get in touch to discuss more details.

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