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Trinitas Tintinnabula

Out of Sandon Descant by Downland Kreptaway, Tintin is the first donkey we ever bred. He is our foundation stallion and is the most wonderful boy (yes - we are biased!). He has a real 'cuddlebum' temperament, yet is an active and successful breeding stallion. Many of our stock are his sisters / wives and offspring. Tin has passed the necessary pedigree checks and veterinary inspection to be accepted into the top 'A' section of the Donkey Breed Society Stud Book. Tin stands at stud to suitable visiting mares.


He is successful in the show ring ('though his tendency to doze off doens't help!) and has won the Donkey Breed Society's National Showing Points Award. His progeny have done very well - his daughter Trinitas Aida won National Champion Foal and his son, Trinitas 'Enry 'Iggins won National Champion Colt. Tintin has also won the 'Premium Stallion' Award as 'Stallion most likely to improve the breed'  and we were delighted when his son, 'Enry, manged the same acheivement  in 2008 - all in all we love him!!!


As you can see from the photos, Tin doesn't just stand in a paddock or trot round showrings. He is driven for fun , often taking us up the pub or going out on pleasure drives and also does stints at other parades and church events. His picutre also appears on some of our other 'doing things' pages. If we're allowed a favourite, it is probably him!

Tin and Mary Xmas 2007 Tin in crowd Pearlies 07 Tin LHHP full side 07

Left - Tintin about to be ridden down the aisle of a packed church to deliver 'Mary' during a Christmas Carol Service.


(He has a new 'Mary' each year and apparently the girls in the Sunday School compete for the privilege of being chosen to ride him)

Above, Tin standing surrounded by a crowd at the Pearlies Harvest Festival in London. He is about to pull a London Trolley, laded with fruit and veg. offerings, from The Guildhall Yard to Bow Bells Church in London for the Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival service - we do this every year if we can, along with several other Donkey Breed Society members. London Mayors, other dignitaries and the public  load up the carts before the parade sets off - and the donkeys stand for an hour or more, as good as gold, whilr the public mill round them - what superb placid temperaments!

Right - Tin taking part in the London Harness Horse Parade pulling a Victorian Invalid Carriage or Bath Chair (he got a 'First Class' award)